About RCKA

We understand the workings of mass media

There is a sweet spot that blends the purposes of media reportage and public relations. And in that sweet spot lies the value of relevant content. RubyComm-K.Austria understands the need of mass and digital media for useful and interesting content. At the same time, we are able to identify the interesting insights and relevance in the stories you want to share. These may even be front page or primetime broadcast material. Yes, we’ve certainly spotted such material with projects we’ve handled.

Professionalism and ethics run our course in global media relations

Reputable media institutions around the world have a set of credo on professionalism and ethics. RubyComm-K.Austria appreciates and works with this credo. Speaking the same language, we, at RubyComm-K.Austria , are able to effectively relate with them to help you reach, in the quickest time possible, your target market and audiences.

We are mindful of cultural bounds

The Philippine archipelago has distinct regions with key centers of commerce, business and culture. Communicating with specific sectors in various locales requires a keen sense of place and a genuine desire to connect with people through media. RubyComm-K.Austria recognizes and values these regional attributes even as we acknowledge the universal need for interesting, relevant and accurate information.

Creativity is key in what we do

Social media has levelled the playing field in reaching target communities in so many ways. New ideas crop us as fast as the blinking of an eye. Interaction takes place in rates faster than the ticking of the clock. And creativity is called for to attract the attention both of online audiences and gatekeepers of information in traditional media. Yet, remaining constant are the requirements to communicate clearly, simply and innovatively.

Special events as necessary backdrop to information dissemination

Most of media is about reportage, and news reports and features often take place with special events as the backdrop. RubyComm-K.Austria, thus, presents clients with a roster of event possibilities by which the clients’ messages can be communicated to target sectors. And importantly, such events are rendered cost-efficient.

One small world is big with RCKA

Communities now realize, often more dramatically, how their actions or inactions affect other parts of the world. There is an urgency for people to make a difference for a better world. The ways to achieve this are limitless in public relations. RCKA helps you craft your purposive ways of giving back to this world and in cooperation with like-minded groups for increased impact.