Our Services

Events Management

Rubycomm-K.Austria helps companies reach out to the public by organizing events such as press conferences, media familiarization tours, product launches and corporate parties. By careful planning and anticipating needs of guests and participants, events flow smoothly and take shape cohesively.

Communications Training

We fortify your business by providing skills training in the various aspects of communications planning and public relations management. We provide training in key message development, news spotting and writing, social media management, media training and crisis management.

Copywriting and Creative Development

We develop an array of materials with appropriate content and styles to suit occasions : AVPs for formal presentations and big event audiences; brochures for quick handouts; merchandise which carry your messages in big or small packages. We work on your annual reports and yearbooks, conceptualize your advertisements and advertorials, book special covers and magazine features as part of campaigns.

Publicity Consultancy

RubyComm-K.Austria provides clients with strategic directions, harnessing both the latest in technology and the traditional forms of media. It develops for clients an array of programs that point to meaningful results.

Alignment with New Media

We see new technologies wield power over opinion-building and decision-making. Emerging innovations change ways by which people seek information and gain confidence in products and services. RubyComm-K.Austria opens doors to 21st century communications through strategic publicity campaigns combining traditional forms of media with new media.